Can You Chop Acrylic With A Jigsaw?

A router table and router is greatest for working acrylic or plexi . If you choose to use this technique, be positive to use a straight edge to line your scoring tool up against. Clamping a straight piece of wooden or metal along your piece so that you simply cut in the identical straight line with each passing score is extraordinarily necessary. This methodology is finest used with skinny pieces of plexiglass as a lot as ⅛ of an inch thick.

Therefore, be sure to do not lay something down on high of it .What you’ll do is snap off the part of plexiglass that you want to cut off.In this article, we are going to discuss about the safest approach to cut plexiglass in addition to some shapes you possibly can reduce it in.Wearing Safety Goggles – Serrated blades can pierce your eyes and turn into stuck.Push the saw slowly and easily by way of the plexiglass sheet.

Read more about how to cut plexiglass with a jigsaw here. Score through the road with a knife a minimum of 5-10 times till you make a deep groove. You can use this extremely recommended plexiglass scoring knife blade. Mark the plexiglass with a dry-erase marker to chop where you need. Use a ruler as a guide and make a straight line the place you need to minimize. The solely drawback based on us is that plexiglass does scratch very easily.

Use Your Jigsaw To Chop The Plexiglas

Although it is not going to make the chopping to move easily the finest way a lubricant will. But it’ll help to chill the blade, thereby decreasing the heat and preventing the warping or melting of the glass. If you aren’t careful throughout slicing, plexiglass can soften. This is as a result of it is plastic and subsequently is susceptible to melting. That is why you should be cautious and make your reduce in the best way. Hence, if the jigsaw you need to use has the “soft start” mechanism, then it’s going to be troublesome slicing through.

Colored Plexiglass Sheets

What I did was take 2 pieces of wooden with a template drawn on the top layer. Put the lexan in between, and then I minimize by way of the wooden. I was able to make use of a circle chopping software on the miling machine with only 3/32″ of lexan outside of the circle. THe lexan is only 3/32″ thick. I was shocked that it didnt shatter underneath such lack of additional outside materials, however it didnt so. The greatest methodology you’ll have the ability to apply for cutting the plexiglass for DIY initiatives is the rating and snap method. The first suppose you’ll want to do is to set the piece of plexiglass you are cutting on high of a scrap piece of wooden to help provide it with a agency foundation.

As talked about earlier, an overheated blade on an influence saw also can cause plexiglass to crack and break during the chopping process. Leaving the thin plastic film on the surface acts as a lubricant to an extent, but when your blade starts to overheat, pause and turn off the noticed to let it cool. Read more about how to cut plexiglass here. You can also add a small quantity of soapy water to the plexiglass surface for additional lubrication whereas slicing.