Hudhud times: A man allegedly rape his daughter in Jalora district, Rajasthan, Hudhudtimes reports.

Hudhud times: Jodhpur | A man allegedly raped his daughter in Jalore district of Rajasthan, following which his son died by suicide when he came to know of the incident, the police said today.

The minor girl’s brother came to know of the alleged rape after an audio clip surfaced in which the girl is purportedly narrating the whole incident to her aunt, the police said.

The police have started investigations after the 32-minute audio clip surfaced on Saturday. On the same day, the girl’s brother died after jumping into the Narmada canal in the Sanchore area of the district, a police officer said.
In the purported audio clip, the girl tells her aunt that on one occasion her father took her in his car on the pretext of buying her a mobile phone and raped her. It was not clear from the conversation when the alleged incident took place.

She also says in the clip that her mother had asked her father to take her brother along on that day, but he refused.