Hudhud times: Defence minister at commissioning ceremony of ICG’S vessel,TN, Hudhudtimes reports.

Hudhud times: Tamil Nadu, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh attends the commissioning ceremony of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG)’s offshore patrol vessel (OPV) Vigraha, in Chennai.

“World is changing very rapidly. Economic, political & trade relations b/w countries are constantly fluctuating. Nothing can be said about next news coming from other countries.
Our country can’t remain untouched by these developments. This applies all the more to a country like ours, being a country whose interests are directly linked to the Indian Ocean.
Changes happening around the world often become a matter of concern for us. We, as a nation, must keep our guards high during these times of uncertainties & upheavals around the world.
However, these challenging times also give us an opportunity of which we should take advantage of. Due to global security reasons, border disputes & maritime dominance, countries around the world are moving towards modernising & strengthening their military power”: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at commissioning of Indian Coast guard offshore patrol vessel Vigraga ,Chennai.