Hudhud times: Farmers protest in Punjab ended, railway track reopened for traffic, Hudhudtimes reports.

Hudhud times: Farmers protest on national highway and railway track in Punjab has ended. At the same time, the sit-in has been ended from the railway track and the railway track has been re-opened for traffic. Farmers had been sitting in front of Dhanoli Gate in Jalandhar since last Friday, blocking the Delhi National Highway and railway tracks. Due to which rail traffic was badly affected. Hundreds of trains on Punjab route had to be canceled.
According to the railways, rail traffic will be started immediately after the track is cleared. First, goods trains will be run and then passenger trains will be restored. According to the Railway Ministry, a total of 368 trains were affected due to the rail roko agitation by the farmers. Out of this, 215 trains were completely canceled while 47 trains were diverted. Also 116 trains had to be partially cancelled.