Hudhud times: Heavy rain flooded in Hyderabad, Hudhudtimes reports.


Hudhud times:

Hyderabad : Several areas in Hyderabad remain flooded following heavy rain in the city last evening. The city received 10-12 cm of rainfall between 8:30 pm and 11 pm, as a result of which several low-lying areas got flooded with rainwater entering homes in several places. Two people have been reported missing after they were swept away by the strong currents in low-lying areas, officials said.
News agency ANI shared a video of a flooded restaurant in the Old City where the customers were seen sitting and having food with their ankles covered in floodwater.

On social media, residents recalled the horrors of flooding in September-October last year as they accused the city administration of not working on improving the infrastructure.In Chintalkunta, one man was swept away by the currents. He was later reported to be safe.

However, two others have been reported missing in Vanasthalipuram, a police official said.