Hudhud times: Hindu mob beat Christian priest over allegations of forced religious conversions, Hudhudtimes reports.

Hudhud times: Bhopal | A Christian priest was beaten up by a right-wing Hindu mob inside a police station in Raipur today over allegations of forced religious conversions. This followed heated arguments between members of the angry crowd and those who had accompanied the pastor to the premises after they were called in for questioning.

The incident took place at the Purani Basti police station in Raipur. The police had received complaints of forced religious conversions being carried out in the Bhatagaon area. A few local right-wing Hindutva leaders, too, reached the police station shortly after.
“We hadn’t received any complaints earlier. There was no damage done to the police station during the quarrel between the two groups. We are now looking into the complaint (of conversions). Based on what we find, we will take action,” said Additional Superintendent of Police (City) Tarakeswar Patel.