Hudhud times: Saudi Arabia allows vaccinated pilgrims to perform Umrah, Hudhud times reports.

Saudi Arabia has announced that it will open its borders to vaccinated pilgrims waiting for Umrah since one and a half years.
In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that the process of receiving Umrah applications from different countries of the world will gradually start from Monday 9 August 2021, in addition to local citizens and residents.

In this regard there will be a capacity of 60,000 pilgrims, this capacity is expected to be extended up to 2 million pilgrims every month.

Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah Abdul Fattah bin Sulaiman Mushat has clarified that no bus will carry more than 50% of the capacity of passengers during the Umrah season. During this time, social and physical distance will be taken care of. He added that corona vaccination would be a compulsory for the pilgrims.

In this regard, visitors to the country will have to show a certificate of confirmation of vaccination from the relevant institution of their country. It is important to obtain the certificate of vaccine from the centers approved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.