Hudhud times: Scandal of using proxies in NEET medical entrance examinations, Hudhudtimes reports.

Hudhud times: New Delhi | A scandal involving the NEET medical entrance examinations that saw an attempt to use proxies to clear the test and payments of Rs 50 lakh per candidate has been unearthed, CBI sources said on Wednesday, amid an uproar over suicides by students crushed by their results.

A Maharashtra-based coaching centre RK Education Career Guidance, its Director Parimal Kotpalliwar and several students have been charged in the scam, sources in the CBI said, adding that candidates were charged as much as Rs 50 lakh assuring admission in government medical colleges.

The CBI’s FIR stated, “Information revealed that Parimal Kotpalliwar solicits the aspiring candidates by offering them admission in top government medical colleges by adopting fraudulent means and unfair practices. The parents of prospective candidates have been contacted and are being assures of admission in medical colleges by manipulating the process of examination being conducted by NEET by using proxy candidates.”