Hudhud times: Stoked controversy between congress and BJP, Hudhudtimes reports.

Hudhud times: Referring to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as a drug peddler and an addict, Karnataka BJP state president Nalin Kumar Kateel on Tuesday stoked a controversy.
“Who is Rahul Gandhi? I am not saying it. Rahul Gandhi is a drug addict and drug peddler. It had come in media. You can’t even run the party,” he said.
His remarks come after a tweet in Kannada, terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an illiterate, from Karnataka Congress flared a political row. DK Shivakumar later announced that the controversial tweet on PM Modi has been removed by the party’s social media team.
After the remarks by Nalin Kumar Kateel, DK Shivakumar took to Twitter again and sought an apology from the BJP for the abusive and unparliamentary remarks. He tweeted, “Yesterday I said I believe we should be civil and respectful in politics, even to our opponents. I hope the BJP agrees with me, and will apologise for their state president’s abusive and unparliamentary remarks against Shri Rahul Gandhi.”