Hudhud times: Women arrested for thrashing her 2-yr old son, AP, Hudhudtimes reports.

Hudhud times: Andhra Pradesh | A woman has been arrested by Tamil Nadu police in Chittoor district for allegedly thrashing her two-year-old son and making videos of it. She was married to a man belonging from Villuppuram, Tamil Nadu. Andhra Pradesh police has been informed of the arrest.
Special team of police from Sathyamangalam near Villupuram in Tamil Nadu on Sunday arrested a 22-year-old woman from Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh who was seen beating up her two-year-old child in a video that is now viral. The accused, identified as Thulasi, is expected to be produced before the criminal court in Gingee on Monday.

Police said she was picked up from her mother’s residence. A video of the assault had gone viral, after which netizens and child welfare activists demanded immediate police action over the incident.