Jig Noticed Blade For Slicing Plexiglass Acrylic & Polycarbonate Lexan

You can decide this blade up on Amazon, by clicking here. If the plexiglass you’re cutting nonetheless has the protective movie on it, you should leave it on whereas making the cuts. This will help guarantee your plexiglass doesn’t get scratched up through the chopping process. If the movie has already been eliminated, simply remember to vacuum the highest of your desk noticed to ensure there’s not particles on top that can cause scratches as you minimize. Read more about how to cut plexiglass with a utility knife here. However, to get nice outcomes, it’s very important that the blade you are using is made for cutting plexiglass. A regular woodworking blade will not produce good results.

With a table saw, the procedure becomes extremely fast and easy.A handheld energy sander could be the best answer to maintain the edges of your plexiglass sheets good and clean.Falling materials with a jigsaw will not only wreck your plan, but additionally it is dangerous.Apply a polishing compound, one that has been formulated for plastic, to the edge of the plexiglass.When chopping with the round saw, don’t cease the feeding of saw because the plexiglass will warmth up and might stick with the blade.

Read more about how to cut plexiglass with a dremel here. Always be certain to keep your arms away from the blade, and if want be, help the piece being cut off in order that it does not fall to the ground as you make the minimize. This is very required should you plan on slicing a circle into the plexiglass, as a substitute of just slicing off a straight line. Both ends of the plexiglass, both the top being cut off and the end being used, must be supported. Else, when you make your cut, the plexiglass may snap off because of its weight.

Can An Exacto Knife Reduce Plastic?

There arespecial plexiglass bladesin the market which might be designed especially for slicing plexiglass. It could price you about 10 to fifteen bucks for a 5-pieces pack, however it provides you with smoother edges without splinters. Actually, the jigsaw is the perfect tool to create exact curves or angles on a plexiglass sheet.

Slicing Thick Sheets Of Plexiglass Like A Pro

If you handle the maintain the jigsaw straight, you will get a more skilled minimize at home. A fine-toothed, sheet metallic jigsaw can do the job proper. You can also start cutting from the center of a chunk of material.

In case if you are not in a place to separate these two items, it is good to groove with the knife again as described in steps three and four. Adjust the clamp on the workbench after which repair the plexiglass sheet over it. Make sure the portion to be reduce is on one side of the desk, and it’s extended out of the surface.