Tips On How To Reduce Perspex Or Acrylic Sheet With A Round Or Jigsaw « Building & Repair

It is up to you to find out which options can meet your needs while working along with your corded or cordless tool. When you choose the proper blade on your jigsaw, the project you have will profit from improved cut quality and efficiency. Line up the band-saw with the marked form and minimize the sheet by changing the course according to the markings.

Flip the plexiglass over and perform scoring on the other facet using the uninteresting a half of your blade.Clamp your sheet of Plexiglass between two pieces of wooden in order that the wooden’s edge marks the road you wish to cut.In a variety of applications, from image frames to tabletops, plexiglass serves as a cost-effective, shatterproof substitute for glass.You can use a unique energy noticed to cut plexiglass.Let’s explore the different strategies to cut plexiglass at residence.Always remember to hold your hands away from the blade, and if want be, help the piece being reduce off so that it doesn’t fall to the ground as you make the cut.

Read more about how to cut plexiglass with a jigsaw here. To minimize by way of rivets or studs fastened via metal sheeting, score traces on either aspect of the riveted materials. Score with a pointy device like a utility knife or scribing device. Using a straight edge, use a box-cutter orutility knifeto score the Plexiglass alongside the size of the line you drew. Do this as many instances as needed till you might have scored a deep enough reduce. Prepare the work surface; do not remove the protecting paper layer on the Plexiglass’s floor until your cuts and ending are full. Hold down one facet with one hand, and use a quick downward movement to snap the acrylic with the opposite.

Instruments Used To Chop Plexiglass

When that is carried out, extra care is important to insure proper alignment. For added safety, the upper information should be as little as possible (within 1⁄2 inch of the Plexiglas® acrylic sheet). The action of the saw carries sawdust from the Plexiglas® acrylic sheet and the masking paper onto the wheels. The mud builds up on the wheels and should cause the blade to run off. Therefore, this accumulation of mud should be removed.


If you may have a model new blade, it ought to be ready to reduce through the plexiglass with no issues. If you’re using an older blade, you may have to push the plexi via the blade slower to ensure it doesn’t chip or crack. If you don’t rating the piece evenly, it is attainable that it will snap somewhere aside from the road you scored. If this occurs, you’re left with figure out a method to salvage your piece and hope you’ll find a way to clear up the uneven edge.

This paper comes with each plexiglass to guard the glass from scratching. Take a ruler to measure the line you’ll cut roughly. It is healthier to make use of a dry-erase marker as you can erase the road later. In case of curved form, use a round or stencil to mark as you want. Cutting plexiglass with jigsaw requires talent, so it’s better to follow on few scarp pieces of plexiglass.