Two Simple Ways To Melt Brown Sugar

Read more about how to soften hard brown sugar here. Store it in an airtight (truly airtight– no cracks within the lid like I accidentally did!) container. We have all hit by this catastrophe one or the other time. Slice of Bread – This was our mother’s really helpful method.

Take the hunk of brown sugar, and place it in a zippered plastic bag with a slice of bread or a slice of apple or perhaps a marshmallow.Add a slice of soft bread and seal the bag nicely.However, when uncovered to air, brown sugar will ultimately dry out.Brown sugar is a delightful addition to many baked goods and also enhances easy food like oatmeal.

The molasses then thickens, and turns into like a glue, binding its crystals into this stable mass. Add a chunk of bread within the air tight container of brown sugar. Soak the terra cotta disk or piece in water for about half-hour, dry off the surplus water , and place it along with your brown sugar in an hermetic container. If you’re not a frequent baker, you might have a bag of sad, dried out and crunchy brown sugar mendacity in your pantry someplace. It’s inevitable that brown sugar will ultimately become exhausting if stored long enough. If you don’t use it frequently sufficient to keep away from hardening, retailer it in your freezer.

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So if you’ve one method or the other managed to harden your brown sugar, from melting it to storing it, here’s everything you want to find out about brown sugar. My grandma used to throw a chunk of bread or a couple of lemon/apple slices in there and it will soften up. Using a fork, verify in case your sugar has softened sufficient then take away and use while storing the rest in an airtight can. Cover the sugar with a paper wrap and let the sugar take up the apple moisture. In a clean bowl place, the sugar and slice your apple then place 2 slices on high of the sugar.

Why Does Brown Sugar Turn Into Hard?

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I received a fantastic buy on natural brown sugar as a end result of it was hard as a rock. I’d heard you possibly can throw in whole unpeeled apples or a slice of bread to melt it up, however I never received around to doing it and needed delicate brown sugar immediately. I could not wait a day or 2 to attempt these methods. If you live in Idaho or Utah you turn into acquainted with brown sugar that is hard-as-bricks–people within the humid south haven’t got this problem. A trick to strive if your brown sugar is delicate and also you want to maintain it that way–store it in the backside vegetable bin contained in the fridge.