Upload birth, death details online: GHMC to hospitals

Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has appealed to all the hospitals in the city to upload the details of births and deaths only through the online platform. The appeal was made to make sure there is no delay by the corporation in issuing birth and death certificates.

Meanwhile, there were instances this month pertaining to delays in the issuance of certificates. The reason for the delay was attributed to some government hospitals who handed over physical certificates in GHMC ward offices instead of uploading the details online.

Unless the details are uploaded by the Health Department, GHMC cannot issue the certificates. For instance, though the person applies for a birth certificate by submitting all the requisite documents at the Meeseva centre, the certificate will not be issued if the details are not available in the State government portal. The onus to upload the details of birth lies with the hospital management.

As of date, citizens can apply for birth/death certificates through Meeseva centres and hard copies of the certificates are issued at the same place. A digital certificate can also be downloaded from the MY GHMC app. To obtain a birth certificate, the documents given by the hospital should be submitted along with the application form at the Meeseva centre.

But to issue a death certificate there are two approaches. If the death occurs in the hospital, the management of the hospital should directly enter the details online and post-approval from the Registrar of Birth and Death, the applicant can take the certificate at Meeseva. If there is a hospital that does not have login credentials to upload the details, they have to furnish the details to GHMC officials who upload them. Once the details are uploaded, the certificate can be obtained by the person at Meeseva.

In case the person dies at home, relatives of the deceased should take a receipt from the burial ground and submit it to the GHMC citizen service centre (CSC), only after submitting the details at CSC he should visit Meeseva to obtain the certificate.